Lace Butterfly Silver Necklace, Tanzanite, Blue Topaz

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Lace Butterfly Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver
2.75mm Tanzanite
Topaz Briolette
24" Rolo Chain

This Tanzanite and Topaz Butterfly Lace Necklace is our newest feature in our Lace Collection, and this new addition is released just in time for spring to come around the corner. Boasting a 2.75mm round faceted Tanzanite as the butterfly's head, and a pretty light blue Topaz briolette droplet measuring 6mm long dangling from the bottom of it's lacy wing, this winged creature is delicate and lovely. This pendant hangs on a 24" Rolo chain, airy in appearance, just like the lace detail. As a symbol of transformation and growth, the butterfly has been a icon of hope and beauty for many years. This one is a wearable piece of art with the finish mixed to create even more visual interest, sandblasted and polished. Cast in sturdy sterling silver, as this flutter-by flits around on it's chain around your neck, it is sure to bring a smile to your face. This pendant and chain pair together weigh 15.6 grams.


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