Raw Aquamarine Silver Necklace, Ice Floe

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Raw Aquamarine Silver Necklace, Ice Floe

Sterling Silver
14 x 10 Raw Aquamarine
6 x 4 Teardrop Aquamarine

Raw Aquamarine Silver Necklace, Ice Floe - Sheets of ice break off from the water's edge and float silently away, thawing in the spring warmth. This necklace speaks the promise of spring, of life renewed and ice slowly dripping away into freshwater. The focal point is a 14mm wide rough aquamarine. It's 10 tall and apx 5mm thick. Our rough gems are utterly untouched- no cutting, faceting, or polishing have been done. They are as raw as when the earth formed them. Set into a hand-formed bezel, with the silver cut and polished and structural. From the side, the gem can be glimpsed like water through bridge trusses.

A smaller, teardrop shaped aquamarine drips from the nadir of the pendant. It is bezel set with highly polished silver. Contrasting with the central gem, this one is faceted, 6 x 4mm. The chain is attached directly to the design with sturdy, soldered rings. It is a wheat chain, durable and supple. The entire piece is made of sterling silver and is one of a kind. Designed by Sarah J. Christenson

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