Raw Ruby Tourmaline Garnet Silver Ring, Rough Root

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Raw Ruby Tourmaline Garnet Silver Ring, Rough Root

Sizes Available 6-9
11x6mm Raw Ruby
4mm Tourmaline
3mm Tourmaline
3mm Garnet
Sterling Silver Setting

Raw Ruby Tourmaline Garnet Silver Ring, Rough Root - Hewn in the heart of the earth, this ruby crystal was birthed from the ground and found in an alluvial deposit on the continent of Africa. It was only fitting, then, that we should set it into a rough, handmade setting to coordinate.

We've crafted a silver band that fits low to the finger and can be worn comfortably by anyone. The ruby is tucked into the design with a bezel on one side and four durable prongs encasing it as well. This is then flanked by two pink tourmaline and one rhodolite garnet.

The ruby is as raw as it was found- no facets, cutting, or polish. It measures 11 x 6mm and has a deep rich magenta color. The tourmaline and garnet are round faceted, 4 to 3mm, and of a soft maroon red to pink tone. These are also tucked low into the design with sturdy prongs. The prongs are built up from the earthy design of the band and form visual depth and texture on the ring.

Ring is sterling silver, one of a kind, and measures about 7mm wide at top. It tapers to appx 4mm on the base, and has a rather squared off shape to the bottom that allows for extreme comfort of wear. Sculpted by Sarah J Christenson


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