Raw Sapphire Gold Ring, Golden Birch

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Raw Sapphire Gold Ring, Golden Birch

Available for sizes 5.5-8.5
14K Yellow Gold
Approx. 10x10mm Raw Sapphire

Raw Sapphire Gold Ring, Golden Birch - A stunner in raw sapphire, this piece is a beautiful 14k gold setting literally branching out around the uncut green gem in the center. Offset to accent the center stone is a beautifully cut yellow sapphire with rich goldenrod color. Everything about this organic piece is a reminder of nature, from the birch tree bark finish on the branches to the uncut gem, to the colors. The cut accent stone is just a reminder as well of the beauty that can come from a raw stone. This one-of-a-kind is a special one to add to your collection!

Raw/rough Gems: Due to their fragile nature and delicate crystal structure, any unpolished/un-faceted gem cannot be warrantied. As a novelty item, raw/rough gems are not recommended for everyday wear. Wear at your own risk.

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