Palladium Ring, Medium Birch Band

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Palladium Ring, Medium Birch Band

Available for sizes 4-13

Palladium Ring, Medium Birch Band - At just under 6mm wide, our medium birch band seems to be the perfect comfort width. Featuring a flat profile, this is shaped just as if you'd trimmed a piece from a birch tree and hollowed it out. The detail of the lenticels is raised and carved in, giving this ring a lovely tactile experience. The edges are ever so slightly detailed with the wood pattern, and there's an area on the design where a twig may have grown and snapped off at one point.  What makes this specific ring so different and unique is that it's our limited edition offered in palladium.   This metal is in the platinum family.  Durable and strong with all intention for the design and structure to last for years to come.  

Very comfortable and durable design, handcarved by Sarah Christenson, 2012  

Limited Edition 2017

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