Raw Aquamarine Silver Necklace, Rough Hewn

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Raw Aquamarine Silver Necklace, Rough Hewn

Raw Aquamarine  
Sterling Silver Setting
18" Sterling Silver Chain

Raw Aquamarine Silver Necklace, Rough Hewn is a one-of-a-kind unique item! This item is made of an abstractly shaped silver disc, with a slab of rough aquamarine gemstone on the front. Polished prongs hold in the gem, and more high polished finish around the edge make the pendant stand out with some dimension and contrasts with the sandblasted surface behind the stone. The stone itself is an 8.2ct weight, which measures 13 x 18.82mm. Another design feature is a set of three holes behind the gem, which allow light to come through and the stone setting to be cleaned out from the rear. This is a handmade item and with its artistic beauty it surely won't be available for long! Necklace weighs 11.3 grams.

Raw/rough Gems: Due to their fragile nature and delicate crystal structure, any unpolished/un-faceted gem cannot be warrantied. As a novelty item, raw/rough gems are not recommended for everyday wear. Wear at your own risk.

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