Diamond Silver Wedding Ring Set, Tea Rose

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Diamond Silver Wedding Ring Set, Tea Rose

Available for sizes 4-9 (Sizes 8-9 Incur Additional Charges)
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Sterling Silver
.11ct DTW

Diamond Silver Wedding Ring Set, Tea Rose - This dainty little affair is perfect for a smaller hand. A 5mm rose is the solitary floral element, accented by two small, curving leaves. The rose holds a 2.75mm gemstone gently folded into the petals. Softly arcing scallops of metal hold another stone and some small bead work.The set can be worn together- it makes a symmetrical design together- while the engagement ring can be worn alone until you're ready for the big day! Once you're wearing them together, we highly recommend soldering the set, so the metal doesn't wear against itself

**NOTE- the set does not have an airtight fit, it is an organic design and handmade, and the fit is designed to be this way.0.07ct center, 0.02ct round on each side... total weight 0.11ct. Re-purposed diamonds.

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