22K Yellow Gold, Wide Band

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22K Yellow Gold Ring, Wide Band

Available in stock size 6. For other sizes we can cast in your size.  
Allow 3-4 weeks for casting of sizes other than 6*
22K Yellow Gold

22K Yellow Gold Band, Wide is a solid band of beautifully smooth 22K gold. It has a very rich yellow color and the comfort fit smooth metal feels amazing on the hand. With a total weight of 11.1 grams you get a great amount of gold in this simple but absolutely stunning piece. Pieces that are created in 22K have a .917 marking inside which means that at that karat the metal is 91.7% pure gold. While the purer gold is the softer it gets, have no worries this band is made thick and made to be worn. High karat gold is prized in many cultures and is sought out for its richness.

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