Undersea Swirl & Stormy Moonstone - Sterling

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Silver Moonstone Ring, Undersea Swirl

Available in Sizes 5-9
5.5mm Moonstone
Sterling Silver

Silver Moonstone Ring, Undersea Swirl  - Our swirl rings are classic, full of movement, and so very magical. The undersea feature comes from the bubbles and dots that make this resemble barnacles. Set with a round moonstone measuring 5.5mm, tucked down low in bead prongs. The ring is 12mm on the top, tapering to 3mm on the very bottom.  Swirls, beads, dots and curves comprise this design, and the workmanship is solid, built to last many years. Sterling silver and moonstone. The moonstone in this ring is almost magical- yellow gray like the eyes of a wolf, and with almost a swirling moon. As you tilt the ring on your hand, it appears as though a storm is brewing inside the very gem.

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